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Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
for forever secretary of defense after world war ii. in 1946 james forrestal noted in his diary that the soviets believed that the post-war world should be shaped by a handful of major power acting alone. plessy went on, the american point of view is that all nations professing a desire for peace and democracy should participate. and what ended up happening in the years is something in between. the united states and our allies succeeded in constructing a broad international architecture of institutions and alliances chiefly the u.n., the imf the world bank and nato that protected our interests, defending universal values and benefited peoples and nations around the world. yet it is undeniable that a handful of major powers did end up controlling those institutions combat setting norms and shaping international affairs. now two decades after the end of the cold war, we faced a different world. more countries than ever have a voice in global debate. we see more passed power opening up as nations gain influence through the strength of their economies rather than their military and
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
to boehner's defense when he delayed the vote on the sandy, because i said, 64% of that will never be spent for two years. it wasn't for the sandy victims. the budget control act says you cannot put money into the budget without taking something out. but a relief act is not subject to budget control, so the administration dumped on all these things. $15 million to plant tree on private property, 5-point' p billion for army corps of engineers which is in excess of their entire annual budget with no idea where it's going to be spend. mitigating future disasters? so a fact only a small portion of that actually went to sandy victims. what was an example of a profile in courage. why could dewant to put all this pork on here and make the american enemy spend money where we're in a deep hole and that's getting back to, how do we help president obama not become the president that bankrupted america? we have to cut expenses and if we went went around the table and within through the budget, there's many, many things that each of us would not bore roy money from china if they were still lehning it --
Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm EST
that the only question is where do you draw the line between what is legitimate self-defense and something that would be part of your partners. this is a been in difficult line to walk. >> i would love to disagree. one of the things that people talk about is the measures of safe havens. correlation and it is far higher than the others. and it has an effect on our policy. it has an entirely different policy. the bank of japan is clear on this and we just walked it over in the direction of the currency that is not the policy. and i would like to not have people conflate the two. there is an understanding within the g7 that is listed for the benefit of the global economy. there is not unilateral currency intervention. that is not the policy as was explained and it's not a policy that will support sustainable growth and what is the policy will support that is appropriate monetary stimulus to achieve price stability and the government and the bank of canada have defined price stability. >> i would love to have more questions, but i think i have to bring it to a close. because this ends at a qua
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm EST
defense secretary, chuck hagel, testified before the senate armed services committee. he learned coverage at 9:30 a.m. on c-span and c-span radio. >> georgia o'keeffe was really the first well-known woman artist. even well into her life in the 1970s. there was no one who could match her. she became a feminist icon and i grew up under the influence. my first recognition of her work was as attention drawn to these fabulous paintings and i lived in colorado and people talked about this woman and the way she lived. the fact that from 1929 forward, she came to mexico for several months out of the year, living apart from her husband in the '30s and 40s. she continued to do this until her husband's death, and then she moved to new mexico full-time. so she lights up our imagination as an artist. because he was famous so young and secondly, she lived the life she wanted to live and she was a very disciplined woman. i think that stands out as women made choices even right through to the 70s. they made choices that accommodative family and other pursuits in their life. georgia o'keeffe had one drivi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4